The Second Step

Overcoming addiction

Addiction has impacted numerous people throughout the world. Whether the addiction is to gambling, hoarding, pornography, or medication and other drugs, an addicts behavior does not impact them alone. Their addiction touches everyone around them: family, friends, coworkers, teachers, neighbors, and sometimes even just people they come in contact with on the street. Nobody can […]

Does the Thomas Recipe Relieve Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms?

the Thomas Recipe

Someone reached out to us with this question recently, and they were not the first. We figured it would be a good idea to address this on the site here for the benefit of all since this question seems to come up fairly often. We also see it a lot on addiction forums and other […]

What to Expect When Going Through Opiate Withdrawal?

symptoms of opiate withdrawal

Opiates are drugs that are often prescribed to manage pain.  The most common opiates are codeine, morphine, and heroin.  Many addicts continue the vicious cycle of their addiction for fear of the physical and mental ordeal of detoxification and opiate withdrawal.  But with professional help and support of a loved one, this can be done and […]

Opiate Addiction Explained


What is opiate addiction? Opiate addiction is an addiction to medication that provides relief for pain.  Also called narcotics, opiates are pain relievers whose active ingredients are derived from the poppy plant.  Common examples of opiates are morphine and codeine and other synthetic modifications in the form of heroin, OxyContin, Vicodin, Demerol, and Methadone. It is very common for […]

Tips in Picking the Best Treatment Center for your Addiction

addiction treatment

Hardest step to recovering from an addiction is deciding to get help.  It takes strong will and a whole lot of determination to decide to stop and get better.  The road to recovery is long and hard and finding the perfect treatment center that will help you through this is vital to your recovery. Each […]

3 Steps You Can Take Today To Recover From Addiction

3 steps to deal with addiction

Addiction of any form is a disease that affects your mind and your body.  An addicted person must understand that finding it difficult to recover and turn away from the addiction is not a sign of weakness.  It’s the addiction talking and not understanding this can make it really hard for a person to go cold […]